Mindfulness in Business

We help your team develop focus, clam and wellbeing at work.

Research shows that mindfulness can radically transform response to stress, increase resilience and support wellbeing, happiness and engagement in your workplace.

If you are a wellness champion at your organisation, get in touch to see what we can do for your team.


Build Team Resilience

Mindfulness Workshops

Did you know that SAP’s mindfulness initiative has had a 200% return on investment?

Our bespoke workshops cover the compelling science of mindfulness, including cutting edge neuroscience along with tangible mindfulness skills to uplift and inspire your team to engage in regular mindfulness practice.

Mindful Leadership Coaching

Harness the power of your biggest asset, escalate your team to peak performance.

We partner with organisations of all sizes and sectors to develop a collaborative inspired and inclusive workplace. As research confirms, healthier employees create more engaged workplace ecosystems. Our mindfulness-based emotional intelligence leadership training helps organisations transform from the inside out.

Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

Berlin’s most talented teachers bring your team in-house wellness classes.

Every company in Germany can invest up to 500€ per employee per year on Yoga and Mindfulness training as a tax-deductible expense (EStG, § 3 Nr. 34).

Workplace programs reduce stress, increase job satisfaction, happiness, health and wellbeing of employees.