How can I stay up-to date with your course dates?

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I have no experience with meditation, can I join your mindfulness course?

Hell yes, all are welcome.

I will miss a day in the 8 week course, can I still enrol?

We recommend missing a maximum of 1 of the 8 weekly sessions. If you are a frequent traveller, consider joining one of our weekend intensives instead.

I am interested in joining the Meditation Teacher Training, how much experience do I need?

A minimum of 1 year of daily practice is recommended before joining. Part of the training requirement is to complete a 5-7 day silent retreat of your choice (not included in course fees). And as a teacher you will commit to a life of practice and training including annual silent retreat practice.

Please tell me about the yoga courses and the rebate from health insurance?

Most German Krankenkasse subsidise upto 2 präventionkurs per year, of your choice. The process is very simple, pay the course fee in advance, attend 8/10 classes to receive a rebate directly into your bank account (roughly 70€ per course). Please check with your provider for details, we can not guarantee your rebate.

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