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Why Meditate?

If you want to experience greater wellbeing, increase resilience to stress, and develop an authentic connection to yourself, meditation might support you.

The proposition is that we spend much of our lives lost in reactivity and habitual patterns that often perpetuate our suffering. By learning to pay attention in a non-reactive and non-judgmental way, we can debunk some of the self-referential rhetoric and reactivity to experience a greater sense of ease and connection.

Who is it for? Anyone. It’s secular, supported by science and if you are breathing, you can practice. We train individuals, teams and teachers. Feeling inspired? Reach out <3

What We Offer


Mindfulness Meditation Courses

We offer evidence-based training in Mindfulness Meditation (MBSR) as an 8-week course, and a weekend immersions that is suitable for busy people and frequent travellers.

The course is a thorough introduction to mindfulness meditation and mindful movement offered as a structured pathway to reduce stress, suffering and enhance wellbeing.

Mindfulness at Work

We help organisations thrive, offering full-service wellbeing support including classes, bespoke mindfulness workshops and the renowned Search Inside Yourself program that has been integrated by numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Our growing list of clients include Abobe, Plista, Clue, Ableton, Zalando, Wooga, Qixxit and more.


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Meditation Teacher Training

Our trainings prepare meditation enthusiasts and mindfulness champions to become mindful leaders, ready to make a genuine difference in people's lives by delivering authentic, evidence-based meditation practices.


Our Studio

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Situated on the edge of Görlitzerpark, The Dream Haus studio is Germany’s first contemporary meditation space. Dedicated to insight, contemplation and creativity, for learning to meditate and practicing mindfulness.


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About us

We are a contemplative platform, devoted to bringing the benefits of meditation to contemporary life.